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Perfect performance about beauty and pain!


When the human condition is conceived as fragmented and haunted by an unavoidable sense of solitude, the body becomes a site of transformation, a liminal space where the borders between in and out, subject and object are blurred.
The project investigates the relationship between absence and presence, the part and the whole, and takes Elena’s research questions on subjectivity and autobiography to create an installation performance where the body is exhibited  either as a still image intersected by the fragmenting structure of the space, or as performing small acts of self-constitution. Traces of the artist’s body and personal life stories are exposed within the fragmenting structure of the building.



Music: Claudio Moneta Jed Whitaker Caviar Spectator Trio
Luci Gianni Staropoli
Choreography:  Alessandra Cristiani

courtesy of VIMEO

The work is inspired by a trip to Sarajevo, on the strength of its poignant ruins of war, introspection of restlessness, which begins to play, individually, with what you have been in childhood, with what we are and is disregarded in the present. Through dance you research the human being in his mythological matrix, we investigate a memory that was never resolved, made ​​of simple desires and secrets naive. It prefers attention to body language, his emotional voices, vigorous running through it from the depths of his subject, to open in silence.

Devised and performed by Sally E. Dean in collaboration with musician/performer Esbjörn Wettermark and hat designer/performer Sandra Arroniz Lacunza.
Videography: Ollala Lemus.
Editing: Loren R. Robertson Productions –

Battersea Arts Centre, London
October 15, 2011

courtesy of VIMEO

Olivier Dubois
Festival d’Avignon 2012

Réalisation: Tommy Pascal

courtesy of VIMEO

“Olivier Dubois has created with Tragédie his very own Sacre du printemps, or his own Boléro.” (Libération, Paris, France)

“The basic energy of a march becomes a whoop of sheer vitality.”
(Le Monde, Paris, France)

Experience a blinding, dazzling, deafening humanity. No longer able to distinguish inpidual bodies rising to the surface from masses in movement, the piece presents a quivering, archaic momentum. With Tragédie, Olivier Dubois plunges the audience into a “sensation of the world” beyond mere choreography. Humanity is not the simple fact of being a man or a woman and therein lies the tragedy of our existence, for it is only among bodies and through the earthbound pressures of our steps and our conscious, voluntary commitment that humanity will truly emerge.

Exposed and vulnerable in their nudity, the better to incarnate anatomical variation, nine men and nine women present a truly original state of the human body, a solicitation of the human species devoid of historical, sociological or psychological troubles, one that ultimately gives way to a chorus singing the praises of the glorious body.

Walking or standing upright or face to face, they initially start with a constant to-and-fro – episode after episode of ceaseless movement – before pounding the floor and thus making of basic human steps the fundamental expression of their will.

As with Révolution, Olivier Dubois has created an obsessive and indeed hypnotic piece, movement of ebb and flow, where women and men coalesce only to break apart, the friction of their fusion creating a clash of discord. A rift opens up, revealing in this telluric tumult the precious transcendence of a human community.

“In song and dance, man expresses himself as a member of a higher community. He has forgotten how to walk and speak, and is on the way toward flying up into the air, dancing. He himself now walks about, enchanted.” The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche